Issues in Progress

President's Commission on Lesbian/Gay/ Bisexual Concerns

At its Nov. 11 meeting, the Commission voted to contribute $500 to a conference planned for next summer titled "Queering the South." Last spring, the Commission contributed $1,300 to the Emory-based group working to organize the conference, which was described as an event that will focus on the ways in which region, race, religion, class, gender and sexual identity intersect to influence the lives of gays and lesbians living in the South.

The Commission voted to contribute the additional $500 to the effort despite several concerns about the event's organization, including an apparent reluctance to acknowledge Emory's role in the conference even though the vast majority of contributors are Emory departments and the event is being held at Emory. Several members suggested offering a few suggestions for improving the event's organization along with the Commission's financial support.

In other business, the Commission voted to appoint two new members, Bill Thompson of Residential Services and College alumna Davina Lopez, assistant to the director of the Women's Center, to fill vacant staff and alumni positions.

The annual Gay Pride Banquet has been tentatively scheduled for Monday, March 3. More information will be provided later on the location and cost of the event.

Next semester's Commission Coffee Houses have been scheduled for Jan. 23, Feb. 20, March 20 and April 17.

President's Commission on the Status of Women

The Commission spent the bulk of its Nov. 7 meeting preparing for a Nov. 20 meeting with President Bill Chace where Commission members hope to engage the president in an in-depth dialogue about a number of community issues affecting women faculty, staff and students.

Primary issues the Commission plans to raise at the meeting include maternity leave and tenure for women faculty, and pay equity within pay grades for women staff. Student issues include plans for a mentoring program and for an information event with the DeKalb Rape Crisis Center; methods to increase interaction between women faculty and women students; and plans to compile a women's resource guide.

In other business, the Commission voted to begin sponsoring two annual events, one in the fall and one in the spring, rather than just the annual dinner the commission has sponsored each winter for a number of years.

--Dan Treadaway

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