Why your department needs a web presence

As the World Wide Web has become an increasingly important resource for the University as well as the public at large, it also has become important that each department have a presence on the web.

First, the web has become an important place for people at Emory to find reference information about departments. Anyone at Emory with a computer and a network connection can get to information about your department.

Perhaps more importantly, many people outside of Emory get their first impression of the University from the web. For example, at least 4,000 prospective students per month look at Emory's web site. If your department does not have a web presence, a prospective student has no way of knowing what types of programs you offer.

Publishing on the web has several other distinct advantages. First, it is easy to keep web information up to date. Suppose, for example, you publish a schedule of courses in your department. When you publish a printed version of the schedule, you must print the information weeks, maybe even months, in advance. Almost invariably, the schedule will change before the printed version reaches its audience. When you publish on the web, you can continue to add courses or make minor changes as often as necessary. Second, publishing on the web is almost as easy as using a word processor. Web page editors such as Claris Home Page or Netscape Navigator Gold work essentially the same as a word processor. The only difference is that when you create a web page you have to transfer the file to a web server when you complete your document. Finally, publishing on the web is free. The only cost is the time spent developing the pages.

Once you decide to publish on the web, Emory offers many resources to help you get started. ITD offers free server space to any department interested in publishing on the web. You may request an account from www@emory.edu.


Creating Web Sites: http://www.emory.edu/WWW/WEB_INFO/

Style Guidelines: http://www.emory.edu/WWW/WEB_INFO/style.html

Short Courses: http://www.emory.edu/ITD/CRS/SHORT_COURSE/

Marie Matthews is WebMaster in Computing Resources Services, Information Technology Division.

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