Issues in Progress

President's Commission on the Status of Women

After reviewing a lengthy list of topics of concern raised by three Commission subcommittees last year, President Bill Chace has identified three of those concerns as having a particular emphasis in his present work.

Commission members discussed the recent meeting between Chace and Commission officers at the group's Oct. 3 meeting. Commission Chair Martha Talbott said the three areas Chace identified in the meeting are: tenure issues for women faculty, a perceived "glass ceiling" for women staff, and the challenge of increase faculty and student interaction among both women and men.

Talbott said that Chace plans to meet with the Commission on Nov. 20 to discuss in greater detail the issues raised by the committees.

In her report to the Commission, Faculty Concerns Committee Chair Victoria Phillips said the committee has asked Provost Billy Frye's office to draft a clarification of the faculty maternity leave policy in order to begin a dialogue with the committee about the existing policy. Phillips also said the committee wants to facilitate communication between the University Commission on Teaching and the Presidential Advisory Committee, which is charged with examining the tenure and promotion process campus-wide.

President's Commission on Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual Concerns

The Commission's Curriculum/LGB Studies Subcommittee discussed a number of projects it is moving forward with this fall at the Oct. 7 Commission meeting.

Committee Chair Saralyn Chesnut said those projects include:

* A writing awards program for undergraduates and graduates: Criteria for the awards are being written so the awards can be publicized in time to be given this spring.

* Forums on issues of LGB pedagogy: Chesnut said the forums currently being organized will address issues affecting those who teach LGB courses, such as the possibility of a greater vulnerability to student grievances based on issues surrounding sexual orientation.

* An LGB Studies Lecture Series: Chesnut said the series, which has received funding from the College, will issue a call for speaker proposals soon.

The subcommittee also is looking into the possibility of creating a "modest" LGB faculty development seminar, Chesnut said.

Commission Co-chair Kevin Gele reported that Woodruff Library has agreed to house the Commission's archival materials on a permanent basis.

--Dan Treadaway

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