Emory area volunteers help clean up Peavine Creek

When a pair of men's trousers was discovered during a recent Peavine Creek clean up project, Director of Community Affairs Betty Willis wondered if a skeleton also would be found. That skeleton never materialized, but the 45 volunteers from Emory (including freshmen Allison Han and Loan Bui, pictured above), the Druid Hills Civic Association and Emory Village merchants who helped clean up Peavine Creek on Oct. 19 did find a washing machine, car engine, shopping cart, metal drain pipes, tires and lots of assorted garbage. The volunteers cleaned the creek and its banks from the Emory Village Kroger store up to Candler Field as part of Adopt-A-Stream Day, held in conjunction with the fifth annual Adopt-A-Stream Project sponsored by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. Willis hopes the event will become an annual tradition.

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