Chaplain reminds community of holidays

The University Chaplain has provided a list of major religious holidays, which include the following:


* Rosh Hashanah* Sept. 14, 15 (Saturday, Sunday)

* Yom Kippur* Sept. 23 (Monday)

* Sukkot* Begins Sept. 28-29 (Saturday, Sunday)

Ends Oct. 5-6 (Saturday, Sunday)

* Hannukah Dec. 6-13 (Friday- Friday)

* Passover* Begins April 22-23 (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Ends April 28-29 (Monday, Tuesday)

* These holidays begin the night before the first date given and end one hour after sunset on the last date given.


* Christmas Dec. 25 (Wednesday)

* Ash Wednesday Feb. 12 (Wednesday)

* Good Friday March 28 (Friday)

* Easter March 30 (Sunday)


*Ramadan Begins Jan. 10 (Friday)

* Eid-Ul-Fitz* Feb. 8-10 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

* Eid-Ul-Adha* April 16-18 (Wednesday, Thursday)

* First Muharrah May 6 - Muslim New Year (Tuesday)

* These days are based on a lunar calendar and are subject to the appearance of the moon and announced by the mosque.

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