Olympic committee recognizes community's efforts

As the fanfare of this summer's 1996 Centennial Olympic Games becomes a part of our collective history, we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation to members of the Emory community who planned so long, worked so tirelessly and greeted so warmly our Olympic visitors from around the world. For ACOG officials, for the domestic and international media, and for the athletes themselves, you provided the resources and amenities that transformed the campus into a comfortable and efficient home away from home.

Whether it was the Emory Police Department responding to unexpected calls, Facilities Management going the extra mile, or medical teams providing emergency care, hundreds of people working together showed the world that the Emory community includes consummate professionals in all walks of university life.

There were countless acts of spontaneous kindness, endless amounts of patience expended, behind-the-scenes demonstrations of efficiency under pressure, and many who sacrificed personal convenience for a larger goal. To everyone who had a part in making Emory a welcoming place during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, we say again: Thank you, Emory community. You make us proud.

The Emory Olympic Committee

Curt Carlson

Michele Duncan

Robert Ethridge

Erick Gaither

Paula Hancock

Gary Hauk

Neil Ivler

Ronnie Jowers

Harriet King

Harvey Klehr

Frances Lucas-Tauchar

Alice Miller

Joe Moon

Karen Salisbury

John Temple

Kim Weaver

William Fox, Chair

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