Voices of Emory

Do you believe that life exists in other parts of the universe?

Brian A. Webber
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"Yes. After the Mars thing, I think there is some form of life out there. I don't think they can get to us, but that is just my personal feeling."

Chris Winter
Second-Year Student
School of Medicine
"Yes, because my wife's been telling me I live in another world for about a year now. It'd be pretty arrogant of us to think that we are the only life in the universe."

Stacey Pernell
1996 College Alumnus
"Yeah I do, because it would be so conceited for us to believe that we're the only ones in this whole universe. It's so vast. I think they are probably smarter than us. If we came in contact with them, I wonder if our communication barriers would be broken."

Todd Boyce
Political Science
"Yeah. I guess with all the other planets and stars out there, there has to be something out there."

Stratha C. Rouse
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"I feel that yes, there is a great chance life does exist out there. Considering the size of the universe, all the stars, the solar system, etc. There is definitely a chance something is out there."

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