Health and Life Plans Amended

The Emory University Health Care Plan and the Emory University Group Term Life Insurance Plan are amended effective May 1, 1996, to change the eligibility requirements for continuing coverage into retirement for employees who retire after April 30, 1996.

For retirements occurring May 1, 1996, and after, the University will continue coverage and will share the cost of coverage if at retirement you meet the following requirements:

* You are at least age 55;

* You have at least 10 years of consecutive service of at least half-time ending at retirement. This time can be a combination of regular full-time, regular half-time, temporary full-time and temporary half-time;

* You are a regular employee scheduled to work at least half time at the time of retirement;

* The combination of your age and service must equal 70 or more. Fractional years of service and age counted in months may be taken into consideration when arriving at the total of 70;

* You must retire while in an active paid status;

* The plans are amended to provide that employees who retired after Jan. 1, 1992, who were at least age 60 with at least 10 years service or at least age 55 with at least 15 years service will have the cost of coverage shared with the University effective May 1, 1996.

The health care and life insurance benefits continued at retirement are not guaranteed in the future for retired employees or their dependents. The University reserves the right to modify the plan provisions and cost of coverage for active or retired employees. The University will notify active employees or retired employees of any plan changes. The University has the right to terminate the plan and to terminate coverage for any group of employees including active or retired employees, and their dependents.

Any questions about this change in the health care or life insurance plans should be directed to your benefits specialist at 727-7613.

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