Faculty participation in Senate encouraged

I am writing to encourage wider participation in the important work of University self-governance. The University Senate is composed of representatives of faculty, students and staff. It considers issues that affect the entire University rather than individual units. Emory is fortunate on two counts: first, under strong leadership the Senate has in recent years played a significant role in a number of important areas; second, the University administration has consistently supported such an active role.

Each unit of the University has representation on the Senate. Matters can be referred to the Senate for its consideration through any representative. I encourage members of the University community to learn the names of their representatives and to refer issues of concern to them. To find the representatives for specific units, call the Senate Office (727-7834).

Much of the work of the Senate is done through its standing committees. These are made up of a much larger number of students, staff and faculty who attend to specific areas of concern, such as Campus Life, Fringe Benefits, Traffic and Parking and Environmental Policy. Each committee makes direct contributions to the improvement of the University.

Many of these committees have good representation from every segment of the University. This year the Fringe Benefits committee needs more faculty participants. Most of all, the Campus Life committee needs participation by faculty. This committee's work is important, particularly since it deals with matters of concern to students. Its effectiveness is inhibited, however, by a lack of faculty input. Faculty who want to work on the committee should contact its chair, Professor Judy Raggi-Moore in the Department of French and Italian (727-4566). Here is an opportunity to close what is often not only a perceived but a real gap between faculty affirmation of interest in student life and action that confirms that affirmation.

Luke T. Johnson

President, University Senate

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