URC invites research proposals

Faculty from across the University are invited to apply for research grants through the University Research Committee (URC) of the Faculty Council for the 1997-98 academic year.

The URC funds are intended primarily for faculty whose work is not currently supported by external funds, faculty who have experienced a lapse in external funding, or faculty who have research ideas that are highly imaginative and novel or otherwise considered high risk. URC funding is oriented toward assisting faculty in achieving short-term research goals and not for long-term research support.

Faculty may apply either for regular full-year academic grants or for summer grants. Full-year grants are available to all regular tenured and non-tenured faculty, and the maximum award is $15,000. Funds may be used for direct research support, publication of completed manuscripts of major projects or release-time support.

Summer grants are available to junior, not-yet-tenured faculty on a nine-month appointment. Awards are approximately $4,000 and may be used for direct research support. The awards are intended to assist junior faculty in establishing their research programs at Emory.

Applications are reviewed by the appropriate URC subcommittee, depending on the academic discipline of the applicant. In awarding grants, the URC uses the following guidelines:

* Preference is given to faculty holding regular full-time, tenure-track appointments. Funds are not intended for faculty holding temporary positions, such as visiting faculty, instructors, post-doctoral fellows and research associates.

* Preference will be given to faculty who are not presently funded from external sources.

* Preference will be given to faculty who have not received funds from the URC within the past three years.

The URC does not grant support for commercial publications such as textbooks, anthologies and workbooks. Additionally, the URC does not provide direct support for graduate students working toward an Emory degree. The URC will consider requests for funds to hire graduate students as technical assistants in a capacity for which they receive no academic credit.

The deadline for submitting proposals for both types of awards for 1997-98 is Nov. 1, 1996. Application forms may be obtained from and should be returned to Melanie Kingston, URC, Ground Floor, Rollins Center. Kingston may be reached at 727-7503 or by e-mail at <univmhk@emory.edu>. Applicants for summer proposals will be notified in early February, while applicants for full-year proposals will be notified in early March.

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