Does the country need a strong third political party?

Josh Lawson
"We need a strong first and second one first. Sure, to liven up the competition a little bit."

Alonzo Sexton
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"I don't think there's a need for it. Party politics are less important now than they were in the past. A third political party wouldn't be necessary. It would be redundant."

Phil Gochenour
Graduate Student
Comparative Literature
"I think we need a third, fourth and fifth party. Because if you look at the original Federalist papers, the government was conceived to work off of a coalition system. Obviously two parties are a deadlock."

Amy Pullen
Master's Student
School of Public Health
"Yes, because there's a need for those [voters] some place between the two extremes of the political systems that we have today."

Gary Hitchcock
Estimator/Project Manager
Facilities Management
"Yes. The ones we have are more extreme on either end. The more competition, the better."

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