First round of teaching funds awarded to faculty initiatives

As an expression of Emory's commitment to quality teaching, money from a new Teaching Fund has been awarded to 23 faculty members. Provost Billy Frye established the $250,000 fund last spring to support faculty in their efforts to change or improve their teaching. The recipients were selected this summer and will begin work this fall. As a condition of the support, the faculty members will share with Emory colleagues what they learn about teaching as they develop new courses, explore how to teach existing courses in new ways and, in some cases, investigate entirely new pathways for learning within the research university environment. The following is a complete listing for those awarded for this semester.

Teaching fund grants awarded

Juliette Apkarian Russian Studies Pilot Project in Distance Learning--Introductory Russian and Oxford
William Branch
Giselle Corbie-Smith
Miriam Parker
School of Medicine Developing an ambulatory learning experience for third-year medical students assigned to the medical clerkship at Grady Memorial Hospital
Cathy Caruth Comparative Literature Proposal for the Establishment of a Holocaust Video Archive at Emory
Mikhail Epstein Russian, Eurasian, and East Asian Languages & Cultures Postmodernism and Non-Western Cultures:
the Russian Case
Eleanor Feingold
Frank Gordon
Experimental Design and Analysis for the Biological Sciences
Joyce Flueckiger
Gary Laderman
History New Course Proposal:
Asian American Religious Traditions
David Goldsmith Chemistry Preliminary Proposal to the University Teaching Fund: Undergraduate Research Mentor
Ronald Gould
Grace Canseco
JoNell Usher
Math & Computer Science
Graduate School of Arts & Science
Graduate School of Arts & Science
Support in the Language of Teaching: English as a Second Language and the International Teaching Assistant
Carol Holbert
Sarah Freeman
Tanya Sudia-Robinson
Timothy Jackson
John Banja
School of Nursing
School of Nursing
School of Nursing
Rehabilitation Medicine
Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of an Interdisciplinary Course in Health Care Ethics
Anthony Martin Geosciences University Teaching Fund Proposal for Development of Geology and Ecology Field Course in the Bahamas
Debra Monticciolo Radiology Development and Implementation of an International Teaching Fellowship in Mammography
Randall Packard The Center for the Study of Health, Culture & Society Peace and Security:
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Health
Barbara Patterson
Wendy Farley
Religion Ethical Dilemmas, Resources, and Responses:
An Immersion-Learning Course
Robert Paul Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts Psychoanalytic Studies Program
Kyle Petersen Anatomy & Cell Biology Development of multimedia computer assisted instruction in Neurobiology fo first year medical students and advanced undergraduates
John Pooler Physiology An Introductory Physiology Course Designed From A Top-Down Approach
Theodore Runyon Theology Travel grant to develop a course in African Theology
Don Saliers Theology Integrating Multimedia Technology and Theological Learning:
Multimedia Approaches to Liturgy and Systematic Theology
Marianne Scharbo-DeHaan School of Nursing A Teaching Enhancement Program in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
Gary Smith Law School Enhancing University-Level Interdisciplinary Studies By Integrating Existing and Emerging Technologies
Alan Stoudemire Psychiatry Clinical Education of Medical Students in Death and Dying
Vincent Vargas Business School Achieving World-Class Service:
A Course Proposal to the Emory University Teaching Fund
Bonna Wescoat Art History Architectural Paradigms:
Parthenon/Pantheon, the Buildings and their Reception

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