How much do you think a presidential candidate's spouse affects voter's impressions of the candidate?

Neena Ketkar
German Studies
"Quite a bit. It shows a lot about the candidate. For example, Bob Dole's wife is a powerful woman. It shows Bob Dole respects strong women. We are past the era of housewives, and that is good. Just look at Hillary and Elizabeth. Both women are very strong."

Steve Gorbatkin
First-Year Student
School of Medicine
"It depends on the exposure of the spouse. It can have no impact if the spouse is not visible. The selection of the spouse is a very personal and extremely important choice. It reflects on someone's values and judgment."

Jennifer Woodcock
School of Public Health
"I think a significantly greater amount since Hillary Clinton. Hillary brought back to the fore that place in the White House, not unlike Jackie Kennedy and Eleanor Roosevelt. Since Hillary Clinton, regardless of what you think of her, people are looking at candidates' wives, their opinions and their ideas."

John Hauser
Management Analyst
Emory Hospital Surgery
"Since Nancy Reagan, the wife began to affect people's impressions. She was prominent because of her own uniqueness, but with Hillary Clinton, it's become big time. She's so controversial. Elizabeth Dole is very positive. It directly says what kind of person he is, the kind of person who would be connected to this potential first lady."

Anders Lendell
Post-Doctoral Fellow
School of Medicine
"We don't have the same system in Sweden. She probably has an important affect. Especially because the family is so important in the United States. I would think it would be impossible for a bachelor to be elected; if it's between two candidates, she would probably make a difference."

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