Health care leadership focuses

on future vision, tactics

The steering committee of the Emory Healthcare Leadership Agenda Project will share their deliberations over the past five months with more than 80 Health Sciences Center deans, directors, medical school chairs, administrators and members of the joint conference committee at a full-day retreat on Saturday, April 26.

The 16-member steering committee is seeking broader input as it prepares a first draft report designed to bring Emory leaders and members of the academic/clinical enterprise to a consensus about the vision, plans, tactics and timetables for continued success. The steering committee has met monthly since November to reassess the mission and environmental challenges facing Emory Healthcare, the clinical arm of the Health Sciences Center (and the new name for the Emory University System of Health Care).

The report will focus on Emory's place in today's health care environment and the strategic choices Woodruff Health Sciences Center leadership must take to assure Emory Healthcare succeeds in the marketplace and continues to enrich and be enriched by the Center's clinical care, teaching and research missions.

Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Michael Johns, who created the project, said the retreat is the first of several ways in which the Emory Healthcare Leadership Agenda Project will communicate with key constituents in preparation of a final strategic plan for health care over the next two months. The plan is expected to focus on seven proposed strategic initiatives designed to build on Emory's strengths and lead to even greater success in the years to come, according to Johns.

The Lewin Group, a health care consulting agency known for work in academic health care center strategic planning, has met with the group to provide data on the changing health care environment in Atlanta and the nation and to create models to assess the economic impact of various strategies.

Johns said members of the steering committee reflect Emory Healthcare's broad base in The Emory Clinic and Emory Hospitals, the interwoven structure of Emory's clinical and academic programs-and the value the Health Sciences Center places on the insights and business acumen of its trustees.

The group is headed by Johns; John Henry, Sr., chief executive officer of Emory hospitals; Thomas Lawley, dean of the School of Medicine; and Emory Clinic Director Rein Saral.

This leadership group is ensuring that the health care planning process takes into account current priorities and ongoing activities in the Health Sciences Center. For example, Lawley is simultaneously creating a long-term funding plan for academic endeavors in the medical school that obviously must mesh, fiscally and programmatically, with the Emory Healthcare Leadership Agenda Project plan for clinical service structure and priorities. Also ongoing is the steering committee Johns created earlier this spring, cochaired by Lawley and Dennis Liotta, vice president for research, to oversee creation of a plan to take the Health Sciences Center into the forefront of biomedical research worldwide.

Woodruff Board members of the Leadership Agenda Steering Committee are Charles Ginden, executive vice president of SunTrust Bank, and William Parker, chairman of Cherokee Investment Company.

-Sylvia Wrobel

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