Frye announces fund for

internationalization, nominations

for Halle Distinguished Professor

Provost Billy Frye announced two new initiatives that will accelerate Emory's international focus and advance key objectives of Choices & Responsibility.

The Provost's Fund for Internationalization will support projects that further the goal of making Emory an international institution of research, learning and service. The funding will be available on a competitive basis to facilitate new programs and ideas, said Vice Provost for International Affairs Marion Creekmore, who will administer the program. Funds will not be used to provide regular budget support for existing or future programs.

The International Affairs Council, formerly the Council on International Affairs, will decide annually on the guidelines and allocation of the funds, subject to approval of the Provost.

The Halle Distinguished Professorship of Global Learning is being established to encourage and support international scholarship and teaching throughout the University.

Internationalization fund criteria

The internationalization fund will provide $250,000 for the 1997-98 academic year to support initiatives in research, teaching, language training, and exchange, travel and study abroad programs. See sidebar below for 1997-98 fund allocation.

One goal is to facilitate and encourage faculty, graduate/professional students and undergraduates to conduct research outside the United States. Competitive grants could be used for research in libraries and laboratories abroad, for example, that cannot be done in the U.S.

"We also want to strengthen area studies as well as comparative, global or international perspectives that will enhance Emory's research, graduate training, undergraduate teaching or campus ethos," said Creekmore. Competitive grants could be sought for new course development, research and training seminars, colloquia, conferences, exhibits or performance. Priority will be given to projects that have a demonstrable effect on the development of Emory's international projects and programs.

Language training projects that assist students, faculty, staff and visitors acquire language skills-including English as a second language-that are needed for a successful and satisfying experience at Emory will be encouraged.

Other goals for the fund include developing new programs for travel, study or service outside the U.S. to increase international options for students, to facilitate the exchange of faculty, student or administrative staff with universities outside the U.S. and to bring international visiting faculty and scholars to campus.

Frye plans to send letters to all faculty members elaborating the fund's criteria and funding allocations as well as providing information on proposal formats, descriptions, supporting documentation and evaluation procedures. Proposals will be evaluated for their potential impact in making Emory an international university by building on existing strengths or developing new programs as well as their feasibility and sustainability. Projects with the potential to build lasting relationships with institutions outside the U.S., which are supported by additional funding and/or build multidisciplinary and multisectoral linkages with the University are especially encouraged, said Creekmore. Proposals are due no later than September 30.

Halle Distinguished Professorship

A gift from Mr. and Mrs. Claus M. Halle will enable the University to establish the Halle Institute for Global Learning this fall. "The institute will play a key role in promoting an international culture on campus where faculty can prepare undergraduate, graduate and professional students for study, work and life in the global reality of today and tomorrow," said Creekmore. The earnings of the endowment will allow the institute to finance $50,000 in programmatic activities during its first year. Earnings will increase in subsequent years, said Creekmore, who will serve as the institute's first director.

President Chace and Frye will select a senior Emory faculty member to serve as the first Halle professor. The initial appointment will be for three years.

The distinguished professor will have as a primary responsibility the encouragement of international scholarship and teaching throughout the University. To this end, the Halle professor will help construct and lead a faculty development seminar in comparative international research and teaching. The appointee will receive a salary supplement, a travel and research allowance, a teaching reduction and staff support for activities involving the institute.

Faculty may apply or may be nominated for the professorship. Applications should include a letter summarizing the applicant's research and teaching expertise in comparative, international or foreign subject areas, a letter of support from the applicant's department chair and a curriculum vitae.

Applications should be sent directly to Provost Frye and will be accepted immediately.

 Allocation of Provost's Fund for Internationalization, 1997-98

  • $150,000 in matching funds of up to $25,000 to individuals and entities within the University (departments, schools, divisions, organizations, working groups and programs) for major projects that could further the transformation of Emory into an international institution;
  • $50,000 in grants of up to $5,000 to individuals or groups of faculty, students or staff for projects or activities in the listed categories;
  • $25,000 in grants that University entities could use to help defray a portion of the tax expenses involved in bringing faculty and visitors from outside the U.S. to Emory; and
  • $25,000 in contingency funds to support especially attractive opportunities that may arise during the academic year. This fund will be managed by the International Affairs Council.

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