Emory Report

 December 1, 1997

 Volume 50, No. 14

IAC develops strategy
for international education

Within the next two weeks, faculty, students and administrators will receive Internationalizing Emory: A Strategy for Leadership in International Education. A small booklet with a large vision, Internationalizing Emory outlines a comprehensive set of ambitious, yet attainable, goals and makes specific recommendations for achieving them, while simultaneously supporting excellence in other areas of the University's mission.

The strategy was developed by the International Affairs Council (IAC) in consultation with faculty, administrators, staff and students from across the University. It reflects the Emory's broad-based commitment to enhanced international research, teaching, study and service. President Bill Chace, Chancellor Billy Frye, Interim Provost Rebecca Chopp, and the academic deans have endorsed the strategy and have pledged to support existing programs and new initiatives that advance the University's international agenda.

The strategy promotes a threefold mission: to prepare students to live and work in a global society; to assist faculty in obtaining access to the global context of their fields of study; and to ensure the University's public service transcends national borders, IAC Chairman and Vice Provost Marion Creekmore said. "Our strategy builds upon existing programs and relationships. Nevertheless, it will require a significant commitment of resources and a coordinated mobilization of effort across the campus."

Internationalizing Emory describes the next steps to help move Emory into the ranks of preeminent international institutions.

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