Emory Report

 December 1, 1997

 Volume 50, No. 14

Van rentals outsourced to Thrifty

Emory has signed an agreement with Thrifty Inc., a division of Chrysler Corp., to provide rental vans to the Emory community. The Facilities Management Division (FMD) previously provided rental vans, but based on FMD's analysis of FY 1997 departmental expenditures, costs to departments are not expected to increase significantly, if at all, with the change to Thrifty.

Under Emory's agreement with Thrifty, a full-time attendant will be available at 727-VANS beginning Jan. 1, 1998, to take reservations for van rentals. The 15-passenger vans will be clean and filled with gas. Thrifty will keep 23 vans-none of which will be more than one model-year old-on campus and will respond quickly for requests for vehicles. Thrifty will bill Emory departments directly.

Thrifty also has a nationwide, 24-hour service hotline, and with more than 500 locations nationwide they will be able to respond to off-campus emergencies. Additionally, Thrifty can provide rental cars, sport-utility vehicles and other specialty cars to departments. The van pick-up and drop-off location will now be at the Thrifty office near Chappell Field.

Under FMD, van rental rates were $33 per day plus 33 cents a mile. The new rate will be $69 a day with unlimited mileage. For any rental trips over 109 miles a day, the new cost will represent savings to the department. This $69 daily rate is $20 less than commercial rates, and Georgia Tech, Georgia State and UGA have all turned to Thrifty to provide their van rental service.

-Jan Gleason

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