Voices of Emory

What should be the most important element of the new campus master plan?

Philip Graitcer
Associate Professor
Center for
Injury Control
Rollins School of
Public Health
"We need a central focus on an architectural icon, a central place that people associate with the University, such as Duke Chapel or Harvard Yard."

Ali Crown
Women's Center
"The master plan should include giving permanent homes to places such as the Women's Center, now housed in a trailer. This may give the wrong message about institutional commitment to women's issues."

Faisel Hussein
"We need a center of campus; big signs that say Emory campus; and more parking. Erect a big Emory mascot and get rid of Dobbs and the other useless dorms that are so far away from campus. Find a way to let people get around campus without risking their life in traffic."

Mary Ann Garside
Dobbs Center
Campus Life
"We need some green space and more trees. We've got enough cement."

Keith Curtis
Engineering Services
Facilities Management
"To provide continuity to building designs so they fit together. To provide better information and traffic flow on building locations-how to find buildings."

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