SGA 'cleans up'
campaign publicity

Under normal circumstances, the campaign leading up to the Feb. 19 Student Government Association (SGA) elections would have left a sea of brightly colored flyers plastered on campus sidewalks and plazas.

Thanks to funding from the President's Office, campaign flyers were not as much of a problem this year. President Bill Chace recently approved funding for seven temporary bulletin boards throughout campus. The boards were located in high-traffic areas such as Dobbs Center and Cox Hall.

Chace approved funding for the bulletin boards after SGA President Jeremy Berry and SGA Elections Board Chair Rashelle Centor expressed concern over the probable impact that massive campaign flyering would have on the appearance of the campus.

The bulletin boards served as a temporary solution for a problem that will be addressed in a proposal approved last fall by the University Senate. That plan calls for a ban on taping flyers to campus sidewalks and plazas and for the creation of an Office of Communication to oversee the distribution of campus information through methods that are not harmful to the campus environment or appearance.

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