Web Watch

What's hot on the Emory Web

The following statistics represent a snapshot of the Emory web on a single day, Feb. 10, 1997.

Who looks at Emory web pages? Non-Emory 63%

Emory 37%

Where do "visitors" come from? Commercial (.com) 30%
Education (.edu) 29%
Net (.net) 21%
International 15%

Government, Nonprofit, Military 5%

Most popular pages for internal audiences Emory Home Page 5,960
ResNet 870
Phone Directory 570
Search the Emory Web 419
Job Openings 391
Oxford College 313
Internet Resources 299
Job Openings, Jan. 30 207
Libraries 204

Today at Emory 185

Most popular pages for external audiences Emory Home Page 1,588
MedWeb: Biomedical Internet Resources 882
Search the Emory Web 826
Phone Directory 639
Medical Laboratories 623
Index of Georgia Web Servers 461
Job Openings 442
alt.journal: The Graduate Journal
of the Program in Comparative Literature 418
MedWeb: Electronic Journals 391
Shakespeare Illustrated 305
Table of Contents 209

Prospective Students 206

Marie Matthews is Webmaster in
Computing Resource Services.

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