Choices & Responsibility guided
Strategic Plan objectives selection

The Emory Board of Trustees has called for a strategic plan based on the "value platform" of Choices & Responsibility. The list of six objectives below represents the five issues discussed in Choices & Responsibility plus the objective of academic excellence, which is strongly implied in, but not specifically discussed, in that document.

Discussion groups will be asked to critique these objectives with respect to how they interact with one another and particularly to generate as many ideas as possible for advancing these goals, as a body, over the next decade of Emory's development.

Discussants at this time should not be too concerned about feasibility or the degree of particularity or generality of their ideas. However, participants should bear in mind that the plan is specifically referenced to advancing the ideals of Choices & Responsibility, and that whereas the plans of individual units and divisions of the University should be consistent with the University's plan, they will not be detailed in the University plan.

Objective I. Achieving Academic Excellence
Academic excellence is fundamental to all else that we do, and to our very raison d'être as a private university. Emory will first and foremost, therefore, continue to pursue the highest attainable standard of scholastic excellence in the recruitment, retention and support of faculty and students. But we will, insofar as possible, define and measure excellence in ways that are consistent with and advance the following five objectives, derived from Choices & Responsibility.

Objective II. Balancing Teaching and Research
Emory will create and sustain an environment in which teaching and research are interdependent and equally valued and recognized. Insofar as possible, each should advance the other, and together advance the central goal of scholarly inquiry and understanding.

Objective III. Building a Stronger Community
Emory will strive to build an integrated scholarly community, with emphasis upon promoting a strong intellectual ethos, upon unimpeded communication and collaboration, and upon encouraging supportive, mentoring relationships among students, faculty and staff.

Objective IV. Encouraging Interdisciplinary Scholarship
At our foundation we must have the methodologies and knowledge that flow from strong disciplines. Insofar as possible, Emory will foster the richest attainable array of collaboration that is consistent with (a) maintaining intellectually rigorous standards of teaching and research, (b) building strong schools and departments, and (c) our capacity to support both our departments and schools and the interdisciplinary programs that we want.

Objective V. Keeping Pace With Infrastructure Needs
Emory will continue to move as aggressively as possible to provide its faculty and students and its schools, departments and programs with the physical, sociopolitical and governance infrastructure necessary to support a first-class academic community.

Objective VI. Assessing Emory's External Relationships
The intellectual integrity of scholarship depends upon maintaining an appropriate degree of intellectual detachment from difficult issues and parochial interests. But Emory recognizes that we also have a special responsibility to use learning to address the problems of society and a need as scholars and students to derive and test ideas through that experience. Therefore, Emory will cultivate rich ties with the local, national and global societies for the purpose of enhancing its teaching, research and service missions.

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