Voices of Emory

If you could make one wish for
Emory come true, what would it be?

Ronald Pou
FMD, Maintenance Mechanic
Service Shop II
"Continued growth in the physical facilities, like a football field and team, and a better understanding among groups of students of each other's ethnicity."

Michael Smith
Religion/African American Studies
"I think better and deeper relationships among the students, because I don't think students are getting a full Emory experience when they don't branch out and meet people from other backgrounds."

Kiran Patel
Fourth year
medical student
"Free parking for everybody."

Sandra Reese
"I'd love for people to get along, communicate and work together. I'd wish we could all come together as one and do the job."

Michele Santamaria
"A performing arts center because we need one badly. The Mary Gray Munroe Theater is not a suitable space for dances. We also need better facilities for groups to come on campus and for on-campus groups as well."

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