Several academic, health care
projects in design, construction

Several major academic and health care-related facilities are currently under construction or in final design stages. Two projects that will directly affect faculty and students are the Burlington Road Building, which will house the music department, and the new Goizueta Business School building, whose completion this summer will free up space in the Rich Building for use by Emory College. Following is an update of major construction and renovation projects on campus:

1525 Clifton Building
The 89,000-square-foot, $14-million project is approximately 75 percent complete, according to Project Manager John Kronawitter. The five-story building will be occupied by the Rollins School of Public Health on the first floor (including the Seretean Center for Health Promotion) as well as the government affairs office; various Emory Clinic facilities on the second, third and fourth floors; a fitness center and cardiac rehabilitation facilities on the fifth floor; and an indoor track on the mezzanine level. A parking deck with more than 400 spaces is being constructed behind the building, and access to the deck will be from North Gatewood Road. Kronawitter said construction should be completed in June with full occupancy by August.

Arts Center
Campus visits by architectural teams bidding for the project will be completed this week. Interviews with the teams have been scheduled for mid-February. Interviews with prospective construction management firms are set for mid to late February. Both the architectural team and construction management firm should be selected by late March. A definitive construction timetable has not been set for the $22-million project to be built near the corner of Clifton and North Decatur roads.

Burlington Road Building
Scheduled for completion in March, this $5-million project is the second phase of renovation for the former Emory Baptist Church building. The first phase was completed last spring and included renovation of the former church sanctuary into a Performing Arts Studio. According to Project Manager Steve Kelley, the second phase consists of renovation of the former church education building-renamed the Burlington Road Building-into classrooms, practice rooms and offices for the Department of Music and the Concerts Division. The three-story, 30,000-square-foot building also will house an electronic music studio.

Goizueta Business School
The imposing building on Clifton Road at Fishburne Drive is 80 percent complete. Project Manager Rex Kizzort is delighted that the 119,000-square-foot, $19-million project is slightly ahead of schedule because, "now I don't have to move the business school [from the Rich Building] in two days." Kizzort said he expects the business school to move into its new five-story building in July or August, and that portions of summer classes might even meet there. He also said that scaffolding on the building's exterior should be removed soon, which will allow landscaping to begin.

Hope Lodge
Design drawings have been completed for the $3.4-million project, and construction is expected to begin in the spring, according to Project Manager Hector Morales. The three-story, 33,000-square-foot building is being constructed on Emory property by the American Cancer Society adjacent to the Mason Transplant House at the University Apartments complex. Hope Lodge will house cancer patients who are receiving prolonged treatment at Atlanta area hospitals. The building will have 32 guest rooms and a maximum capacity of 85 guests. Morales said construction should take about nine months to complete.

Scholars Press
To be constructed of field stone and generous amounts of glass, the new Scholars Press building will feel more like "a cabin in the mountains" than a traditional Emory office building, according to Project Manager Bill Morrison. The three-story, 24,000-square-foot building will be constructed adjacent to the current Scholars Press building on Houston Mill Road near the Houston Mill House. Construction is expected to begin in February or March and be completed by next January. After the new building is completed, the current Scholars Press building will house the Association of Emory Alumni, now located on North Decatur Road.

Woodruff Library addition
The entrance to the library was moved from the north side to the south side earlier this month, said Project Manager David Clear. The entry will remain there until the permanent entry is completed this summer. Clear also said the book drop on the north side (facing Candler Library) will remain for one to three more weeks until a new book drop is placed near the new entry. Once the book drop moves, access to the north side of the library plaza will be restricted so that construction activities can begin. The library addition will house the Center for Library Information Resources being constructed in the ravine between Woodruff and Candler libraries. The 65,000-square-foot, four story addition is budgeted at $23 million and should be completed by August 1998.

-Dan Treadaway

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