Emory Report

 July 14, 1997

 Volume 49, No. 35

Issues in Progress
Employee Council

In response to ongoing concerns about the United Way campaign, Bill Horne and Michelle Smith were invited to speak to the council about the history of the Emory United Way Campaign (UWC), to discuss some of its current policies and procedures and to see what could be done to improve its implementation.

Horne began by saying that he had been coordinating the United Way effort for more than nine years. He introduced Michelle Smith, who has done research on the UWC at Emory. Horne noted that some employee council representatives have served as ambassadors for the UWC and would have some insight into what the United Way does.

Horne told why the UWC letters are sent individually and the responsibilities of the program's ambassadors. He stressed that there has never been any coercion for employees to give to the UWC and that it is a completely voluntary activity. Smith noted that contributions for 1995 were at an all time low and explained some of the efforts being made to energize the UWC at Emory. She emphasized that all employees are supported by Emory whether they contribute to United Way or not.

Council members suggested several alternatives:

The general sense was that the list that Horne distributes to each department ambassador creates undue pressure on employees to participate. Also the use of social security numbers and unwanted solicitation each year were discussed.

Two members of the executive committee: Jay Harris as parliamentarian and Barbara Mann as secretary-elect are leaving the council. An ad hoc elections committee was created and nomination forms were passed out.

Special issues committee

The special issues committee reviewed the United Way issue and came up with clarifications and will draft a letter of concern to be submitted to the executive committee for approval. Concerns to be addressed include:

The committee also discussed proposed tax legislation on TIAA-CREF concerning tuition reimbursement. Leeann Bauch is working on a report about extended illness benefits for hospital employees versus University employees.

Communications committee

The Communications committee discussed the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for July 29 with President Bill Chace. It will be a brown bag event with the Employee Council providing drinks and desserts. A web site will be created and flyers distributed. A survey will be distributed, and people will be able to write down their questions. Chace's office will be contacted so that they will know what questions to anticipate.

Other business addressed by the committee included:

Membership committee

The membership committee appointed a small subcommittee to look at the representation of the council to be sure that areas are equally represented. Committee members had a lengthy discussion about the brown bag lunches.

The committee also appointed an election committee that will handle the election next month. Membership attendance was briefly discussed also.

-Scott Barker

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