Emory Report

 July 14, 1997

 Volume 49, No. 35

Volunteers needed for clinical
studies at medical school

The medical school has several research studies under way for which volunteers are sought.

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences researchers are recruiting volunteers for a study of breast cancer and depression. Women with breast cancer between 18 and 75 who are under stress and having trouble coping may be eligible.

Participation involves about 13 visits over a six-month period to the Woodruff Building, and qualified participants will receive a psychiatric evaluation, physical examination and electrocardiogram (ECG) at no charge. For more information call Barbara Lewison at 727-8252.

Emory's neurobehavioral program at Wesley Woods is seeking women with mild Alzheimer's disease to participate in a 12-month multicenter trial investigating the effects of estrogen and memory. The study requires monthly visits to Wesley Woods Health Center, and participants will receive free gynecological exam, mammogram and blood studies during the screening process. Call Jennifer Hinson at 728-6930 or Janet Cellar at 728-6453 for more information.

In another study geared toward older participants, Emory experts in kidney disease and geriatrics are recruiting people 65 and older for a study of increased nighttime urine production (nocturia). Researchers hope to discover why many older people urinate more at night than during the day and to develop treatments for this bothersome condition. Forty volunteers are sought, half of whom have been diagnosed with nighttime incontinence or nocturia and half of whom have not.

Qualified volunteers will be asked to eat a specially prepared high protein diet for five days and visit the Clinical Research Center at Emory Hospital for an outpatient appointment that will include a physical exam and chest X-ray. Participants may also be asked to schedule a three and a half day period during which they will be admitted to the research center as an inpatient for careful testing and monitoring. No experimental treatments or drugs will be administered. All tests and examinations will be provided at no charge and volunteers who complete the study will receive monetary compensation. For information, call Lee Whiten or Catherine Lesniak at 321-6111.

Endocrinologists at the School of Medicine are seeking volunteers for two diabetes studies. The first is a study of a new, investigational treatment for diabetes different from medications currently on the market. Those with adult-onset (Type II) diabetes who take neither medication nor diabetes pills may qualify. Participants receive free physical exams, electrocardiogram, laboratory tests and study medications. Eight office visits over a seven-month period are required. Volunteers will be compensated for their time. For more information call Mary Ellen Bailey at 778-4716.

People with juvenile-onset (Type I) diabetes and who take insulin are sought for a second study of a new drug under investigation that may lower blood sugar and the amount of insulin required by patients. Participants may qualify for the one-year, nine-visit study if they take insulin. For more information call Sue Lubin at 727-1395.

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