June 9,1997

Issues in Progress

Employee Council

The Special Issues Committee began by addressing ongoing issues. It again discussed the United Way campaign. The committee decided to contact Bill Horne and get more information on the history of the program and to check with people in various departments and divisions to get their input on the campaign.

Discussion on bomb threat response was also discussed. The main concern is warning occupants as soon as possible about possible bomb threats. Initial action by the committee includes finding out who is responsible for alerting people in the buildings and how it is done. The committee is also checking with Emory Police to find out their policy.

On the topic of staff death notification, Mary Anne Lindskog told the committee that cards are mailed out for faculty because many faculty members work off campus for periods of time and the cards are the best way to notify people on campus. Possible solutions from the committee included sending cards for both faculty and staff and running obituaries of staff in Emory Report.

New issues raised by committee members included the loss of extended leave upon retirement and the ability to donate sick leave to the needy.

The Communication Committee discussed the upcoming blood drives cosponsored with the Employee Council and the Emory Well House. The blood drives will be held in White Hall on Monday, July 21, and Monday, August 18. Erik Oliver told the committee that an open house at the Carter Center featuring President or Mrs. Carter in the Fall is likely.

The committee is also working to establish a "Did You Know" column in Emory Report. The column will offer tidbits of information about Emory, particularly its off-campus divisions; the goal is to help build employee pride in the University.

The Membership Committee said it was studying how alternates are appointed to the council and suggested that both members and alternates be appointed at the same time. The committee is also looking into updating the bylaws and investigating the number of Crawford Long Hospital members to see if the hospital is being fairly represented. They are also working on a constituent list so that council members know, specifically, whom they represent.

The Special Issues Committee discussed the possibility of having Alice Miller come and address questions on flexible spending accounts.

The Council sponsored and attended a very successful open house at Oxford College on May 29. For many, it was their first trip to the Oxford campus.

-Scott Barker

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