Degrees awarded to many

staff Courtesy Scholars

Over 75 Emory employees completed their degrees in the 1996-1997 academic year using the University's Courtesy Scholarship Program. This year's graduates include:

Jennifer Magnotta, AA

Olline Dare, AMS

Susan Howard, BA

Ellen Benson, BSN

Jami Parker, BSN

John Thomas, MA

Caroline Wood, MAT

Henry Lee, MBA

John Morford, MBA

John Swartley, MBA

Thuy Bui, MD

Jerrold Brantley, MDV

Elizabeth Caine, MDV

Priscilla Moody, MDV

Eric Curtright, MMS

Andrew Kelly, MMS

Robyn Priest-Reed, MMS

Ayotunde Ademoyero, MPH

Keith Anthony, MPH

Erik Auf der Heide, MPH

Angela Banks, MPH

James Bowron, MPH

Jodi Boysza, MPH

Colleen Browne, MPH

Joseph DeLillo, MPH

Sara Foster, MPH

Jennifer Graham, MPH

Ralph Grosswald, MPH

Debra Helfrick, MPH

Joseph Kinkade, MPH

Pamela Klee, MPH

Ariane Kraus, MPH

Warwick May, MPH

Pamela McMahon, MPH

Chanda Mobley, MPH

Catharine Monet, MPH

Jacinta Nagler, MPH

Gary Partlow, MPH

Ohridia Pope, MPH

Lorri Preston, MPH

Paula Roberts, MPH

Laurie Snead, MPH

Selena Taylor, MPH

Hui Zhang, MPH

Mary Allen, MSN

Sheri Combs, MSN

Brenda Ellis, MSN

Angela Finlayson, MSN

Bambi Futch, MSN

Janice Gentry, MSN

Cathy Goulding, MSN

Mary Hawkins, MSN

Judith James, MSN

Maria Leibach, MSN

Catharine Monet, MSN

Hollie Pisseri, MSN

Brooke Poindexter, MSN

Ohridia Pope, MSN

Joanne Porwoll, MSN

Mary Potter, MSN

Tracy Powell, MSN

Karen Priester, MSN

Deborah Ruane, MSN

Lisa Sapp, MSN

Donna Smith, MSN

Louise Smith, MSN

Micah Spaulding, MSN

Mary Sykes, MSN

Diane Teagarden, MSN

Deborah Thompson, MSN

Melinda Tully, MSN

Lisa Voigt, MSN

Mary Lyn Almon, MSP

Kimberly Boykin, MTS

Edward Bryan, PHD

Ronald Griffith, PHD

Editor's note: Employees who completed their degrees through the Courtesy Scholarship program this year, but whose names do not appear on this list, may contact Emory Report staff for inclusion in a later issue.

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