Emory Report

 September 2, 1997

 Volume 50, No. 2

Issues in Progress:

Employee Council

The council received an update from members of Community Services. Erick Gaither, Bill Collier, Cheryle Crumley and Craig Watson told members about ongoing projects and changes within their department.

Following the guest speakers, Employee Council president Erik Oliver told members that most of the questions received for the Town Hall had been answered by President Bill Chace. He also said the Town Hall scheduled for November at the Carter Center was proceeding as planned. The council then broke into committee meetings.

Special issues committee
Ron Foust brought a number of new issues raised at the Town Hall meeting before the committee. Among the new issues:

Ron Foust then asked the committee to prioritize the issues. After much discussion, the committee decided to combine the issues of courtesy scholarship and flex time and address them first.

The committee will poll previous and current courtesy scholars to get their input and ask President Chace to write a letter asking each department to be as flexible as possible in the matter.

Membership Committee
The committee is still working on distribution of council members to employees. They also discussed getting more council members to attend council meetings.

Communications committee
The committee continues to work on the "Did You Know?" column for Emory Report. The group also discussed the upcoming town hall at the Carter Center.

-Scott Barker

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