Emory Report

April 6, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 27

Issues in Progress

University Senate

First on the agenda of the March 24 meeting was a vote on four honorary degree candidates presented by committee chair Alice Benston. After a secret balloting, all four candidates were approved "by large margins."

David Pacini, chair of the Faculty Council ad hoc committee on student disabilities, explained to the Senate a resolution passed by the council stating that learning disabilities should be viewed as a teaching challenge and urging faculty to take an active role in helping learning disabled students receive the help they need.

In the second secret ballot of the meeting, John Boli and Pacini were approved as president-elect and secretary, respectively, of the Senate for the 1998-99 year. It will be Pacini's second consecutive term as secretary.

Sid Stein of the fringe benefits committee reported again on his committee's efforts to reduce the likelihood of identity theft by requesting that Prudential remove employees' Social Security numbers from health insurance cards. In response to the request, Prudential said it is incapable of using an alternate numbering system and discouraged printing cards without the ID numbers on them, Stein said, and the company also said Emory has been the only institution to raise the issue. The Senate asked Stein to begin contacting other organizations with Prudential contracts and ask them to consider adopting Emory's position.

Former Employee Council president Erik Oliver introduced new president Ron Foust to the Senate, as well as new president-elect Ann Rouse. Senate President Bill Cody extended his appreciation to Oliver for his contributions to the Senate over the year.

Harriet King reported on the progress of the provost search and said each of the candidates will participate in open campus meetings during their upcoming interview visits to Emory.

Interim Provost Rebecca Chopp invited all Senate members to a town hall meeting April 8 at 4 p.m. in Cox Hall to hear a presentation on the Campus Master Plan. In response to a question about whether the Board of Trustees has given its final approval to the plan, President Bill Chace said the board, recognizing the unpredictability of future circumstances, has chosen to approve projects on a case-by-case basis. "They are not opposed to any part of [the plan]," Chace said.

In closing, Cody announced that final committee reports and installation of new Senate officers and members will take place at the April meeting.

-Michael Terrazas

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