Emory Report

August 24, 1998

 Volume 51, No. 1


LEO implementation moving along; hospital HR piece 'goes live' in October

Emory has chosen to use the PeopleSoft system solutions for its financial, human resources and student applications. These new, integrated systems will gradually replace the current, and differing, Emory applications.

The advantages of moving to PeopleSoft are many. The company is a proven leader in client-server applications. Their human resources management system, which includes human resources, payroll and benefits, has been implemented in many Fortune 500 corporations, as well as many higher education and health care organizations across the United States and Canada. While new, the student application system has already been selected by more than a dozen higher education institutions throughout the country, including the University of Michigan and Duke and Cornell universities.

PeopleSoft increases productivity and empowers users through a user-friendly system of queries, analyses and reports. The software combines a client-server architecture and relational database design with a set of customization tools, workflow technology and a graphical user interface that provides flexible solutions and adapts easily to user requirements.

Emory will be implementing PeopleSoft Version 7, which includes a web client for occasional users, and a "three-tier"-transaction processing system that reduces server traffic and improves performance on a network.

Implementation of the human resources and student administration modules are under the direction of two separate project teams, and the financial system will be scheduled at a later date.

The human resources system is being implemented as part of the Linking Emory Online (LEO) initiative with Debbie Moyers as project manager. The first phase of the project, applicant tracking and recruitment, was implemented in late April for the University, Emory Hospital and Crawford Long. The project's second phase, scheduled to go live in October, will implement human resources, payroll and benefits for the two hospitals. The third phase, scheduled to go live in January, will implement the same for the University.

The student administration system is being implemented as part of the Student Information System (SIS) with C. R. Nicolaysen as project manager. The actual implementation itself is expected to cover several months and is tentatively scheduled for the middle and latter parts of 1999 into early 2000. The system will eventually integrate admissions, financial aid, student records and student accounting.

The technical staff in ITD and Health Care information systems includes developers, systems administrators, database administrators and network engineers who work together with the LEO and SIS teams in implementing these systems.

For more information, please visit the LEO web site at <http://www.emory.edu/PEOPLESOFT> and the SIS web site at <http://www.emory.edu/SIS>

Francene Mangham is the interim chief operating officer in Information Technology division.

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