Emory Report

February 16, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 21

Issues in Progress

President's Commission
on the Status of Women

After President Bill Chace's visit to the January meeting, the executive committee met to discuss the semester's remaining work, Chair JoAnn McKenzie reported at the commission's Feb. 5 meeting. They agreed that subcommittees should continue to work on the issues presented to the president. The commission will invite Chace to its April meeting to "see what he's done, what've we've done," McKenzie said, and then issue a final report in May.

McKenzie also noted the information about the PCSW's annual student writing awards were advertised in The Wheel the week of Feb. 9. She also plans to send an e-mail announcement to the "all-user" listserv and others to promote the award.

In Joyce Jones' absence, McKenzie reported Jones is trying to change the date of the spring banquet, at which former Spelman College President Johnnetta Cole will speak, from April 9 to April 8 in order to host the event at the Carlos Museum.

McKenzie passed out a copy of both the current and drafted new bylaws for review. She asked members to return comments or corrections about content by Feb. 20 via e-mail or interoffice mail. They will discuss changes and recommendations at March's meeting.

That meeting will be held March 5 at 3:30 p.m. in 405 Administration Building.

-Stacey Jones

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