Emory Report

January 12, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 16

Symposium on Peace Corps
and South Africa this week

Because of its reputation for interest in international issues, Emory will host a symposium on Peace Corps involvement in South Africa on Thursday, Jan. 15 at 7 p.m. in Winship Ballroom.

The African American Studies Program is co-sponsoring the symposium that is open to the campus community. Participants include Peace Corps Director Mark Gearan, South African Ambassador Franklin Sonn, Africare President C. Payne Lucas, CNN Global Environmental Correspondent Gary Strieker and Carter Center Associate Director of Conflict Resolution Joyce Neu.

The symposium will examine the role of the Peace Corps in South Africa and include a discussion of Peace Corps service. "We wanted to have an academic symposium about the Peace Corps and South Africa at Emory because we knew of Emory's emphasis on international issues," said Cynthia Glocker, public affairs officer in the Peace Corps' Atlanta office.

"We found it particuarly attractive to co-host the symposium in the framework of African American Studies because of our interest in establishing an academic exchange in the new South Africa," said Rudolph Byrd, director of African American Studies.

Peace Corps volunteers went to South Africa for the first time in January 1996, according to Glocker. This was a result of an October 1994 meeting between South African President Nelson Mandela and President Bill Clinton in which Mandela asked Clinton for help in addressing social and economic problems in South Africa. A second "class" of 41 Peace Corps volunteers will depart from Atlanta on Jan. 16 for service in South Africa.

Emory and the Peace Corps have a long-standing relationship as evidenced by Emory's ranking as one of the top 10 in Peace Corps volunteers for universities with undergraduate enrollments of less than 5,000. Additionally, hundreds of former Peace Corps volunteers have enrolled in the Rollins School of Public Health as a result of their service, according to Glocker.

­Deb Hammacher

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