Emory Report

July 13, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 35

Issues in Progress

Employee Council

Following the call to order and a brief welcome, Council President Ron Foust introduced Stacey Hagler, a representative from the Red Cross. Hagler told the council the supply of blood was dangerously low and donations were needed. She also explained the best way to promote the council's two upcoming blood drives.

Foust then introduced Nick Chronos, a fellow in cardiology research who had been invited to discuss how Emory employees and families could participate in medical research. Chronos said there are many studies being conducted and even healthy people can participate in some of the research.

The council also heard from Yvonne Hodge who explained the Well House's health risk appraisal program. The program begins with a 50-question form and lipid profile that helps show what effect lifestyle now may have on life span. Council members will participate in the program at next month's meeting. Following the presentations, the council broke into committee meetings.

Special issues committee

The committee began by discussing Jeremy Berry's research on benefits not being provided to employees under 26. Berry said more than 300 employees are affected. Members then debated how to best respond to Emory's degree requirement on job descriptions. The committee decided to send a letter to President Bill Chace requesting him to convey the council's concern to individual departments. Finally, the committee is looking into establishing a database to chronicle council issues and resolutions.

Communications committee

Committee members worked on the town hall meeting at the Carlos Museum and told council members they would receive flyers in the next few weeks. John Ward told members about the live web broadcast to be available to The Carter Center and Oxford.

-Scott Barker

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