Emory Report

March 30, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 26

Hospital employees test safety education workstations

Emory Hospital and Crawford Long employees must participate in annual safety training that meets accreditation and Office of Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. In the past employees attended Safety First classes for training, but beginning the first week in March the hospitals unveiled a portable training system: de'MEDICI workstations.

De'MEDICI is the brand name for the eight interactive computer workstations that will provide high-tech, convenient and cost-effective safety education to hospital staff. Each station fits on a rolling cart that travels from department to department. "The workstations allow staff to meet their annual general safety education requirements at their own pace. The majority will be able to use de'MEDICI without having to leave their unit or department," said Mary Capka, director of education services at both hospitals. The year's first rotation will end in August and a second will begin in September and end in December.

Because the system will not meet all safety education requirements, department-specific safety education will continue where needed. The workstations offer six test units that take about 12-15 minutes to complete on such subjects as preventing back injury, TB, HIV and Hepatitis B in the workplace; fire safety; working safely with hazardous materials; and waste disposal.

On average, it takes first-time users about two hours to complete the full program. Units may be completed in any order-all at one time or one at a time. But to receive credit, each unit must be fully completed.

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