Emory Report

May 4, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 31

Phase I of Campus Plan begins
with partial Asbury closing
from Pierce Dr. to hospital

It didn't take long to go from showing to implementing the master plan. On May 26, Phase I of the "pedestrian campus" known as Open Space One-a continuation of the North Kilgo project-will begin when contractors close down Asbury Circle between Pierce Drive and Emory Hospital. The pavement and brickwork for the $1.2 million project should be completed by Aug. 14, said Hector Morales, Facilities Management project manager. Atlanta landscape architects Hughes/Good/ O'Leary & Ryan were hired to develop the project. The firm worked with Ayers/Saint/ Gross in developing the master plan.

The project will leave Asbury, extending from Pierce over the bridge in front of Cox Hall and stopping in front of the hospital steps, bricked over and suited for pedestrians and service vehicles only.

Because the project is only one part of the plan to create walkways throughout the central campus, single-arm gates will mark both entries to the newly created area. Shuttle buses and the like will have remote controls and access cards to enter. Morales emphasized that only service vehicles having business in the area are allowed through; other service vehicles won't be permitted to cut through the area for convenience.

Among the other work the project will entail is replacing the railing along the bridge over the ravine, which will remain the same width but have no curb. The project will also create a temporary turnaround in front of the hospital for drivers who've wandered past "no traffic" signs. "It will be gravel for the majority of the summer, then paved after a steam line upgrade is constructed," Morales explained.

The new area will have the same types of "site amenities" as the North Kilgo walkway, including benches, landscaping, bicycle racks and improved lighting, Morales said. For that project he's heard mostly good things, he said. However, people using wheelchairs or canes have found the brickwork uneven and difficult to navigate. The new project will use a different kind of brick, Morales said. "It's the same as Centennial Olympic Park-a lot more uniform, a much smoother surface for people to walk or ride on."

Phase II of the project, which will include creating a pedestrian walkway between the DUC, Alabama Hall and the Anatomy and Physiology buildings, will most likely commence next summer. There's only a short timeframe in which to undertake these projects, Morales said. "We prefer constructing these types of projects during the summer months to minimize disruption to the campus community." Morales doesn't see finishing the remainder of Asbury, to Fishburne Drive, for another five or six years.

For further information about the project or updates, call Morales at 404-727-1920.

-Stacey Jones

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