Emory Report

May 4, 1998

 Volume 50, No. 31

Clean Commute Week launches Emory's 'ozone summer'

This year's Clean Commute Week, May 11-15, will help kick off a summer during which Emory employees will be asked to think about the benefits of alternative transportation much more often than in the past.

May 1 marked the beginning of "ozone season" with the first Ozone Action Day, and with the University participating in the statewide Voluntary Ozone Action Program, Emory commuters were asked to find another way to work besides the single-occupant vehicles that so many Atlantans have grown to love. The season runs through Sept. 30, and employees likely will be asked a half-dozen more times to leave their cars at home.

Clean Commute Week gives everyone a chance to learn about the methods of alternative transportation available at Emory-and the health benefits of using them. As always, the Parking Office, the Well House and other offices will hold events and offer incentives to encourage people to think about clean commuting.

"This is the fourth year that Emory has participated in Clean Commute Week," said Cheryle Crumley, director of alternative transportation. "There is an unprecedented sense to respond to clean air issues by area businesses and government agencies. I think people are beginning to realize that Atlanta's air will not simply clean itself."

To help kick start one of the options Crumley's office offers, she will hand out free MARTA tokens to the first 25 employees who come into the office Monday morning, May 11, and request them. Parking and Community Services is located at 1701 Lowergate Drive.

Tuesday is "Bike There" day, and employees need to produce only a bicycle helmet to get a free shower and use of locker room facilities free for the day at the P.E. Center.

Emory shuttle riders will get a treat Wednesday on Rider Appreciation Day. Argenbright, the company that runs the shuttles, will be serving snacks to riders throughout the day. National Clean Commute Day is Thursday, and once again the University's carpoolers and vanpoolers will receive coupons for either free Freshen's smoothies or pizza from Campus Food, along with information from the Well House, which is stressing seatbelt safety during Clean Commute Week. "Not only is it the law, but wearing seatbelts can reduce injury and save lives," said Yvonne Hodge, manager of occupational health promotion.

On Friday the Georgia GLOWmobile (Georgia Licenses on Wheels) will park in front of the Administration Building from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to make driver's license renewal less of a hassle, and Hodge will be on hand to pass out seatbelt information. The Parking Office will have a booth at Staff Day, May 15, with representatives from MARTA and Metro VanPool (which provides vanpool service to Emory) there to answer questions. Crumley's office will also raffle off Clean Commute Day T-shirts.

For more information about Clean Commute Week call 404-727-7638.

-Michael Terrazas

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