Emory Report

November 9, 1998

 Volume 51, No. 11

Retiring faculty end formal service and gain emeritus standing

The following faculty have earned the rank emeritus by virtue of their years of service.

Louis Bayne, clinical professor of orthopaedics

James Bland Jr., professor of anesthesiology

Adrienne Carr, professor of Christian education

John Carr, professor of church ministries

B. Woodfin Cobbs Jr., professor of medicine

Ronald Dunbar, professor of anesthesiology

W. Dallas Hall, professor of medicine

Victor Napoli, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine

Roman Rutkowski, professor of pathology and laboratory medicine

Theodore Runyon, professor of systematic theology

Roger Sherman, professor of surgery

George Tindall, professor of neurosurgery

Shirley Carey, professor of nursing

Margaret Parsons, professor of nursing (currently serving as interim dean of the School of Nursing)

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