Emory Report

September 28, 1998

 Volume 51, No. 6

Issues in Progress:

Faculty Council

Chair Virgil Brown convened the inaugural meeting for 1998-99 Sept. 15 in 400 Administration Building. Following approval of minutes, Brown introduced Vice Provost Harriet King, who reported on the council's Gray Book resolutions from last year. King said the resolution concerning the faculty hearing committee has been approved, and the proposal concerning faculty mediation is being considered by the Dean's Council. King added that a new Gray Book will be printed soon.

University Senate Secretary DeAnna Spurlin said the Senate and council web sites have been updated, and the council expressed its gratitude to Spurlin for her work over the past year.

Dennis Liotta, vice president for research, addressed the council concerning his proposed Intellectual Property Management Handbook. He told them of minor changes to the document, which had been distributed beforehand, and then entertained questions. Much of the discussion centered around what works would automatically be exempt from the proposed policy, and Liotta strongly encouraged faculty to continue providing him with suggestions.

John Sitter then spoke briefly to inform the council of the summer's events surrounding changes at Emory Village and the imminent closing of the Kroger store. He encouraged the council to draft some expression of support for President Bill Chace's letter to CVS, the new lessee of the property, urging the company to retain some form of a grocery store in Emory Village. The council decided this matter would be best addressed by the full Senate and invited Sitter to draw up a resolution and present it to the Senate in October.

The council's committees then announced their rosters and plans for the upcoming year, and Brown adjourned the meeting. The next council meeting will be Oct. 20 in 400 Admin.

--Michael Terrazas

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