Emory Report

April 19, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 28

Issues in progress:

President's Commission on the Status of Women

An abundance of outside activity by members of the commission and women on campus merited praise from Chair Mary DeLong at the April 1 meeting. Two commission members were featured in the pages of Emory Report, and Mozella Galloway reported a successful Black Herstory Month celebration and a proclaimation by Mayor Bill Campbell forever designating the month of March "Black Herstory Month" in Atlanta. Karen Fain was lauded for her Award of Distinction.

Catherine Howett Smith said there was a "great" pool of nominees for commission membership this year. The slate of new members and alternates will be invited to the May 6 meeting. New faculty members, serving three-year terms, are Rosanna Capellato, Molly O'Brien, Vicki Powers and Lynne Quarmby. Faculty alternates serve one-year terms and include Emelita Breyer, Anne Kelley and Margaret Malony. New staff members with three-year terms are Marsha Hendricks and Pat Long; alternates with one year of service include Wynn Hartley and Kim Smith. Both student members and alternates serve one-year terms. Next year's student members are Emily Miller, Melody Porter, Jennifer Miller and Jennifer Nelson representing graduate and professional students, and undergraduates Shirin Keen, Jean Mennuti-Washburn, Laura Moyer and Danielle Sered. Graduate/professional alternates are Emily Diznoff, Cameron Gilreath, Nikki Snyder, Susan Cumings, Angela Hunter, Kirsten Rambo and Elizabeth Stiles; undergraduates include Hetal Doshi, Aysha Hidayatullah and Lauren Sherman.

In other nominating business, Deb Floyd was voted chair-elect. Howett Smitz will be chair, and Allison Adams will continue as secretary.

DeLong reported that she met with Campus Life Dean Frances Lucas-Tauchar regarding the child care resolution. Also, the resolution was adopted "as written" by the Employee Council and with minor changes at the University Senate meeting. President Bill Chace has mandated that the two new child care centers be built within the next three years, she said. Both should have room for about 200 children and will be governed by one board of directors. The new Clifton Child Care center will be built close to the Human Resources complex and funded by Emory, the CDC, the American Cancer Society, the VA Hospital and Egleston. The second center will be built at the University Apartments complex.

The PCSW will have two slots on the organization committee, DeLong said. She asked for student, staff or faculty volunteers whose names she could submit for nomination to Lucas-Tauchar.

Subcommittee chairs gave their annual summary reports, which they also reported to Chace on April 8. Carol Burns said the faculty concerns committee is moving ahead with the mentoring program. She thanked JoAnn McKenzie for helping to get the mailing list together. A letter will go out soon to senior faculty and department chairs requesting they apply for mentoring. At an April 13 meeting committee members met to finalize materials to be used in their fall kick-off event, which the mentoring pairs will attend together and work out the details of their relationship.

Katherine Reed reported that the staff concerns committee is still trying to make sense of the raw data from the Invisible Barriers survey but should have a final report ready by the May meeting. Pat Long will chair the committee next year, she said, and its focus will be a comparative study of family-friendly companies and institutions. The group will offer some recommendations based on the results.

Leigh Tillman Partington reported that she and Leigh Jacobson are putting together a notebook to ease transition for next year's committee. Someone from the committee will be working on the handbook over the summer, she said.

DeLong said the new web pages would be ready in time for the April 8 meeting with Chace and will probably go online right before the meeting.

The commission's final meeting of the academic year is May 6 at 3:30 p.m. in 400 Administration Building.

--Stacey Jones

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