Emory Report

April 5, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 26

Open invite to national grants management teleconference
For all those who need either an introduction to the subject or simply a refresher course, the Office of Sponsored Programs is sponsoring an Emory link to a national video teleconference April 8 called "Straight Talk: A Primer on Award Administration."

The teleconference will be presented by the National Council on University Research Administrators in cooperation with the Council on Governmental Relations. Running from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the event will be divided into six "modules," according to senior research administrator Francine Massey, that will tackle such topics as the difference between a grant and a contract; the Office of Management and Budget rules and regulations; the nature of facility and administrative costs ("indirect costs"), and other subjects.

"What's interesting is this provides a low-cost mechanism for universities to have a large number of folks participate," said Nancy Wilkinson, director of sponsored programs and a NCURA officer. "All of this is in an effort to bring out people who normally couldn't take the time or expense to participate in other ways with associations like NCURA."

Anyone who wishes to view the conference has a number of options. The event will be broadcast over Emory cable channel 35, and sponsored programs will open the Savannah Room on the fifth floor of the North Decatur Building for viewing. Also, classrooms 118A, B and C in WHSCAB will be showing the broadcast. The teleconference will feature an 800 number, allowing viewers to call in with questions to be answered over the air. Massey said the program will focus on federal grants.

Wilkinson said more than 100 colleges and universities have signed up to receive the broadcast. Anyone who would like a schedule of the event's sessions can find one on NCURA's web site at <www.ncura.edu>, Massey said. Also available on the site are downloadable materials that will aid as a reference during the broadcast. For more information, contact Massey at 404-727-2508 or via e-mail at <fmassey@ emory.edu>.

--Michael Terrazas

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