Emory Report

August 9, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 37

Construction in center of campus wrapping up for fall

Although the Class of 2003 probably won't know the difference, everyone else returning to campus this fall will see quite a different look at the University's axis. The intersection of Pierce Drive and Asbury Circle, which had become the center of both pedestrian and automobile traffic, has been redone to fit the "walking campus" mold Emory set with North Kilgo and another stretch of Asbury.

Where in 1997 there was a string of asphalt and automobiles, now the University's pedestrian mall of red brick walkways and new tree plantings extends from Cannon Chapel up behind Callaway, veers left at Cox Hall, then right between the Dobbs Center and Alabama Hall, continuing up to the Woodruff Memorial Research Building. It may end there for a while.

Capital Program Manager Hector Morales said while nothing has been finalized, next summer may see an edge space project, such as the Emory Village intersection, or even work along Clifton Road instead of continuing the Open Space project up Asbury to Fraternity Row, as was previously discussed, or even sprucing up the Quadrangle.

"I don't think [the Quad's] going to happen," Morales said, adding that while this summer's Open Space project was scheduled to be "substantially complete" by Aug. 8, some minor work such as tree planting will occur after the weather cools down. Morales also said the utility work that has shut down Pierce Drive in front of the track was due to be complete Aug. 5, and all the holes will be paved over with asphalt a few days afterwards.

Another high-traffic construction area is at one end of the pedestrian bridge near the Rollins Research and Dental School buildings, where utility infrastructure is being laid for the Whitehead Research Building. Capital Program Manager Rex Kizzort said utility work is 90-95 percent complete, and the next few weeks will see more excavation to prepare to lay the building's foundation.

Kizzort said Georgia Power has completed its work along Michael Street to the point where the road will be opened one way from the parking deck to Clifton; there still will be no access from Clifton to Michael Street near the railroad tracks. Kizzort added that he anticipates no further disruptions in pedestrian access to the plaza or the bridge once actual contruction on the Whitehead Building begins.

"As construction begins to come out of the ground and gets up to the level of that plaza, we will build protective walkways along the side of the Dental Building to keep people safe, but with little viewports so folks can look in and see what's going on," he said. The Whitehead Building is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2001.

Other projects ongoing through the school year include the University Apartments parking deck and shuttle road; the new School of Nursing; Cherry Emerson Hall (Science 2000 phase I); the Miller-Ward Alumni House; improvements to the Administration Building.

--Michael Terrazas

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