Emory Report

January 19, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 16

Issues in progress:

Employee Council

Having been called to order by President Ron Foust, the November Employee Council meeting kicked off with a word of thanks. Mary Anne Lindskog thanked the council for circulating information about the luncheon sponsored by the President's Commission on the Status of Women. The event, attended by many council members, was successful.

Elections were then held for the open Senate position, secretary-elect and Senate benefits committee. John Ward was elected to serve on the University Senate and Dorothy Goodson was named secretary-elect. The Senate benefits committee University representative will be Jeremy Berry, with Lee Ann Bauch serving as the hospital representative.

Guest speaker Michelle Smith addressed the council about the recent United Way campaign. This year's campaign was the first in which the University and the hospitals teamed together. At the time of the meeting, this year's campaign was at the 91 percent mark.

Parking committee

Several proposals were discussed at the last traffic and parking committee meeting, including a move toward total equalization of fees for street and deck parking and increased safety at the Materiel Center, the space to which employees from accounts payable, payroll, ITD and the LEO Project are slated to move. The proposals will be presented to the ways and means committee for final approval.

Membership committee

Committee members passed out a survey to update the database of council members, and plans were made to contact members who have not been in attendance for meetings. Discussions of future plans included a booth at Staff Day and election plans for next year.

Communications committee

On the heels of the successful Grady Open House, an open house is scheduled for The Carter Center Tuesday, Feb. 9, tentatively from 2-3 p.m. Three blood drives will be held this year in January, June and August.

Special issues committee

Due to rising concerns surrounding EmoryCare, committee members plan to contact benefits representative Mary Smith and invite her to a council meeting.

Before adjourning those present elected LaVon Gainey chair of the elections committee. Ron Foust, Jo Taylor and Susan Maxwell will also serve on the committee.

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