Emory Report

January 25, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 17

Additional professors joined tenured ranks last semester

The following Emory professors who have received tenure or promotions in their respective schools were omitted from last semester's listings in error.

Mark Bauerlein

Professor of English

PhD, University of California at Los Angeles

Bauerlein has served as the undergraduate studies director in the English department. He is the author of Literary Criticism: An Autopsy, The Pragmatic Mind: Exploration in the Psychology of Belief, which focuses on American philosophers and Whitman and the American Idiom, which examines the degraded state of contemporary literary studies. He has another book scheduled for publication in 1999 that will present an hour-by-hour account of the Atlanta Race Riot of 1906. He has edited The Turning Word: American Literary Modernism and Continental Theory and Purloined Letters: Originality and Repetition in American Literature and has had articles appear in The Emily Dickinson Journal and America's Modernisms: Revaluing the Canon, among others.

Ronald Braithwaite

Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

PhD, Michigan State University

Braithwaite's teachings focus on minority health issues, community organizations and program evaluation. The former Fulbright Hays scholar to Ghana and Cameroon, West Africa, has received the Thomas F. Sellers Jr. Award from the Rollins School of Public Health, the Outstanding Service to the National Association of Medical Minority Educators award and the Outstanding Community Service Award from the Society of Allied Health. He has published two books, four book chapters, 39 refereed articles, 23 monographs and technical reports and presented more than 65 papers at the regional and national level. He also serves on the national advisory committee for the Kellogg Foundation-sponsored Community Health Scholars Program and the national advisory committee for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Health Professionals Partnership Initiative. Braithwaite has three current grants from the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, Health Resources and Services Administration and the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.

William Buzbee

Associate Professor of Law

JD, Columbia University

Buzbee's law career began with a federal judicial clerkship. He later worked as an attorney-fellow, practicing public interest environmental law for the Natural Resources Defense Council and in the private sector, concentrating on environmental law and litigation. Buzbee has been widely published on the topics of environmental and administrative law, with articles appearing in the Administrative Law Review, William and Mary Environmental Law and Policy Review, Environmental Law Reporter, the Minnesota Law Review and the New York University Environmental Law Journal. He is co-author of a grant received by the School of Law from the Turner Foundation, which helped Emory establish the Environmental Law Clinic and funded the first Turner Environmental Law Fellow. Buzbee has served as chair of the University Senate Committee on the Environment and served on the Environmental Studies Committee convened by the provost to help design an undergraduate environmental studies program.

Douglas Mattox

Professor of Otolaryngology

Chair, Department of Otolaryngology

MD, Yale University School of Medicine

Widely recognized as an expert in the areas of hearing loss, tinnitus and cochlear implants, Mattox performed the first cochlear implants at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland hospitals. Mattox, former director of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Maryland Medical System, was the first recipient of the George T. Nager M.D. Award for Excellence in Teaching at Johns Hopkins. He has co-authored four books and monographs in otolaryngology and authored or co-authored more than 86 referred articles, 45 chapters and reviews. He is the editor-in-chief of Skull Base Surgery.

Marc Miller

Professor of Law

JD, University of Chicago

Miller's areas of expertise span crime in America, criminal law, criminal procedure, torts and sentencing reform. Before coming to Emory, he served for two years as an attorney-advisor in the Office of Legal Counsel at the U.S. Department of Justice and as special counsel at the Vera Institute of Justice. Miller also was a member of the Clinton-Gore transition team in the justice and civil rights cluster. He is co-editor of Criminal Procedures: Cases, Statutes and Executive Materials and a founding editor of the Federal Sentencing Reporter. He has been widely published in law reviews and occasionally writes on issues at the intersection of law and biology, including the regulation of non-indigenous species. He is currently editing a book titled The Challenge of Conservation in the Galapagos Archipelago.

Victoria Stevens

Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

PhD, Emory University

Stevens served as an organizer for the 28th Annual Southeastern Lipid Conference and as co-chair for the Federation of American Societies of Experimental Biology (FASEB) Conference on Lipid Modification of Proteins. She is co-inventor of one patent and has another patent pending. Stevens has co-authored 26 research articles in refereed journals, 13 abstracts in professional journals and has published three reviews in refereed journals.

Lance Waller

Associate Professor of Biostatistics

PhD, Cornell University

Waller's research examines statistical analysis of spatial patterns in public health data. He recently served as a special advisor to the World Health Organization regarding statistical methods for mapping disease rates and currently serves on the editorial board of Statistics in Medicine and American Statistician. Waller has co-authored or authored 27 peer-reviewed articles and eight other articles or technical reports. He has been published in Environmental and Ecological Statistics, the Journal of the American Statistical Association and Biometrics, among others.

--Compiled by Stephanie Scott

Emory Report makes every effort to recognize the promotions of faculty, but oversights may occur. If you or a colleague have recently received a promotion or tenure and have not been recognized, please send e-mail to <sdscott@emory.edu> or call 404-727-5546.

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