Emory Report

June 28, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 34

Issues in progress:

Employee Council

The June meeting of the Employee Council came to order, and Yvonne Hodge from the Well House and Ryan Christian from the American Red Cross addressed the members about the upcoming blood drive. Representatives were encouraged to invite their constituents to participate. Christian said the reason most people never give blood is simply that they haven't been asked. During the summer, blood supplies are often low and every pint given can save three to four people.

The Council heard next from Alice Miller, Human Resources vice president, who's leading the search for Emory's new health care plan. Prudential has been Emory's primary vendor since 1992, but declining service led to administrators bringing vendors and consultants on board to hammer out a new plan. The new plan hopefully will address problems with accessing providers and getting bills paid correctly-however, the downside is that there will be a cost increase for both Emory and its employees.

Ideally moving to a new vendor will incur as little disruption as possible, and the networks will stay pretty much the same, except for the addition of coverage at Columbia/HCA Hospitals. A major planned change will come in the area of prescription drugs, where the plan will switch to a formulary, or a listing of widely used drugs and their equivalents. Drugs chosen from this list may be purchased at the plan's rates while drugs outside of this group will cost more. Miller also reported that they are investigating changes in the vision and dental portion of Emory's plan. If all goes well, the new carrier will be in place for the next benefits election period in November.

Marcene Powell, director of Emory's Partners in Education Program, reported that after a 13-year partnership with Fernbank Elementary School and Druid Hills High School, they are initiating a job-shadowing program. Druid Hills students will shadow a variety of Emory employees for one hour a day for 18 weeks. The students have expressed interests in pediatrics, obstetrics/gynecology, physical therapy, child psychology, journalism, thoracic surgery, corporate law, middle school math, middle school English, dance therapy, computers, special education, drama, sports medicine, Spanish, vocal music, infectious diseases, emergency room surgery and media communications. The program should start spring semester 2000 and more information will be forthcoming.

During committee reports, the special interest committee reported on its continued pursuit of benefits for the staff members 26 and under. In a planned meeting with Campus Life Dean Frances Lucas-Tauchar they will continue discussions regarding child care at Emory. The membership committee reported on its efforts to secure corrected information for the membership rolls and the roster that is published in the Emory telephone directory. The communications committee reported that another blood drive is scheduled for August, for which information will be sent via interoffice mail.

The next scheduled meeting of the Employee Council will be Aug. 18 in 424 Goizueta School.

--Stephanie Scott

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