Emory Report

Mar. 1, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 22

LEO roars into Emory

With the new year barely under way, more is changing in Emory's administrative offices than calendar pages.

Emory, Crawford Long and the Clinic are joining together in an effort to consolidate employee information. The three have worked together to develop a system that provides access to common information, eliminates duplicate entries and ensures accurate and timely reporting of employee-related information. The project was dubbed Linking Emory Online (LEO).

"The project team has worked many long hard hours over the past year-and-a-half, and we are very excited about the PeopleSoft product and our success as a team to see this implementation through," said Katherine Foster, Emory's communications and training coordinator for the LEO Project.

LEO saw its first phase, recruitment and applicant tracking, go into effect last April. This module not only streamlined the process of setting up and advertising job openings but also kept track of pertinent information for job applicants. Once an applicant's hired, the information is transferred to new employee files without having to be re-entered into the system.

The second phase involved the implementation of the human resource, payroll, benefits administration and time and labor modules for the University and Crawford Long. These modules went "live" in November.

At the University, deans, directors, department heads and others involved in managing employee timesheets have been involved over the past month-and-a-half in PeopleSoft training sessions to prepare for the third phase of implementation. Included in those sessions was information related to changes in processes and revisions to forms currently submitted to HR or payroll. Also covered in these sessions was the new Human Resources Web Application, which replaces the HRS Online and HRS Inquiry system.

Besides a new look for payroll recap sheets and timesheets, a newly designed supplemental payment form will be used for submissions like payments for Evening at Emory, Fulton-Dekalb Hospital Authority, awards, bonuses, extra duty, etc. This form is being used for current students, faculty and staff only and should be forwarded directly to payroll. The new Additional Pay Form will be submitted to HR. This form will cover requests for payments for items such as F.A.M.E, minister's housing allowances, over-the-range max payments, employee referral bonuses and summer research/teaching.

Another change brought about by LEO will affect bi-weekly paid employees. Instead of accruing on a monthly basis, sick and vacation leave will now be accrued on a "pay period" basis. Accruals will be based on hours worked with a cap of 80 hours per pay period.

Employees got a firsthand look at the efforts of LEO with receipt of their Feb. 26 payroll check/advice. Should any item appear to be inconsistent with previous pay, HR and payroll have established a "University Paycheck Hotline." If a connection is made by voice mail, someone will return the call within 24 hours. The hotline number is 404-727-2544.

--Stephanie Scott

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