Emory Report

Mar. 15, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 23

An 'exchange' of viewpoints highlights new publication

A new publication for faculty made its debut March 1. The Academic Exchange promises within its pages a place for scholarly conversation, and so far the Exchange, edited by Allison Adams and originating from the Institutional Planning and Research office, has lived up to that promise with five-and-a-half pages of the first issue devoted to views on stopping the tenure clock for junior faculty, an issue addressed this year by both the President's Commission on the Status of Women and Faculty Council.

The next issue's focus will be interdisciplinary scholarship, along with other articles and the standing feature "Lens," an essay on Emory from a faculty member's point of view, as well as Vade Mecum, a forum for recommending notable books. "We want The Academic Exchange to offer a place for conversation on topics and issues that are of interest or concern to a good majority-if not all-faculty," said Adams. "We're striving for a balance of coverage of research issues, pedagogical concerns and university governance-of reporting and opinion on faculty work and life at Emory."

Two more issues will appear before the end of the academic year, and the Exchange will return in August for several more issues in 1999. Ultimately, Adams said, she'd like to publish more frequently, depending on the level of faculty interest.

Adams has talked with nearly 100 faculty since mid-November and has several-including Bill Cody, Jim Fowler, Gordon Newby and Walt Reed-serving as the Exchange's editorial advisors.

"That group has helped me see that the 'if you build it they will come' approach is probably unrealistic, given the restraints on faculty time and energy," Adams said. "So we're offering a range of approaches and formats for contribution. If a [faculty member] wants to participate, he or she can write a 150-word book review, submit a completed longer essay or work with a writer to present ideas in interview format." Of course, there are also letters to the editor in which to offer an opinion. Adams will run those also and will ask permission of the letter writer before doing so.

The newsletter has a web site <www.emory.edu/ACAD_ EXCHANGE>, which includes the current issue and opportunities for further discourse. Currently there are online conferences on the tenure clock and the ethics of fetal tissue research, also a topic in the first issue. The articles and conferences are secured, with access limited to faculty only. To obtain the user ID and password, call Adams at 404-727-5269 or send e-mail to <aadam02@ emory.edu>.

-Stacey Jones

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