Emory Report

May 18, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 31

Nursing's Jamie Lewis has big plans post-graduation and beyond

The legal profession's loss is nursing's gain. Nursing graduate Jamie Lewis earned her first bachelor's degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Georgia, fully intending to go on to law school. But a volunteer stint at Athens Regional Medical Center in the midwifery clinic changed all that. "I wasted money on the LSAT and bartended [after graduating from UGA]," she quipped. "My parents were happy to write that in the old Christmas letter."

But surely by now she's done them proud. Past president of the Student Nursing Association and named in Who's Who Among American College and University Students, Lewis also was awarded a Nursing Education and Tuition (NEAT) grant for her study at the School of Nursing. Under the program, chosen BSN students are awarded 60 percent tuition; in turn they owe six months service for each semester paid under the program. Lewis has signed a two-year contract with Emory Hospitals and will be working at Crawford Long.

"I'm excited about it-and waiting to hear whether I get into Labor and Delivery," she said. If she doesn't, Lewis claims, general nursing will suit her fine. "I love my vasectomy patients as much as I love my mothers," she said.

Work isn't the only endeavor Lewis will be undertaking in the fall; she plans to re-enroll in the nursing school part time to earn a master's degree in midwifery. "And I'm getting married," she revealed. "I just might have to defer that enrollment until spring."

--Stacey Jones

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