Emory Report

May 18, 1999

 Volume 51, No. 31

Amee Tejani: Oxford's Eady Award recipient

"Those who know Amee Tejani well will understand that being here now and being publicly praised is not your idea of a good time. In fact, it is partly because of your disinterest in the spotlight and extrinsic rewards that you are here. Amee, you have contributed in so many lasting ways to Oxford.

Last spring, while most students were sunning, skiing or sleeping, you were among the select few who used this break in school to serve others in an intensive week at the Florence Crittendon Center for abused and neglected teenage girls in Knoxville, Tenn.

"Your most important gift has been something that doesn't neatly fit in a list of service-oriented activities. For lack of a better word, I will refer to this as your 'spirit.' Your playfulness, keen wit and optimism affects all in your wide circle. You have shown us that complaint without action is pointless and that life can be lived joyfully, even in the midst of a rigorous academic program.

"Amee Tejani, for your sensitive and ebullient spirit, your warm gift of friendship and your random acts of kindness, it is my distinct honor to present you with the 1998-1999 Eady Sophomore Service Award."

--Joe Moon, Oxford Associate Dean

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