Emory Report

November 1, 1999

 Volume 52, No. 10

Issues in Progress:

University Senate

President John Boli convened the October meeting on Oct. 26 in the Rollins Room of the School of Public Health.

Provost Rebecca Chopp announced to the Senate the names of the search committee for a new dean of the graduate school. She also announced the creation of a new Office of University-Community Partnerships, to be located in the Ethics Center, that will facilitate community service programs. Chopp added that the University is about to enter budget season and, despite the recent performance of Coca-Cola stock, she does not anticipate any drastic cuts. "So drink your Coke," she reminded Senate members, "and encourage others to do the same."

Frank Vandall, who has been serving as acting secretary for the Senate, was elected formally to the position.

Chopp and Michelle Smith gave a presentation on Emory's United Way campaign. Smith said she and other campaign leaders have been "trying to give the United Way a new face" on campus by providing more and better information about the organization and its grantees. She said Atlanta's United Way is the nation's fourth largest and also one of its most efficient, with 91 cents of every dollar donated going to programs and services.

The Senate approved committee rosters for the library policy, athletics and recreational policy, and honorary degree committees. It also passed a motion submitted by Betsey Tanner on behalf of the athletics and recreational policy committee that changed the committee's charge under Senate bylaws. Previously the committee's chair and representative to both the National Collegiate Athletics Association and the University Athletics Association had to be one and the same person, a tenured faculty member; after the change, the positions may be held by one or two people.

Ann Rouse, president of Employee Council, said the council had received a request asking that exempt Emory employees be paid biweekly. Rouse said the council will study the issue and report at the November meeting.

Vandall and Boli proposed another change to Senate bylaws to make the president of the Student Government Association an automatic member of the Senate's executive committee. Some discussion ensued about whether graduate students could be president of SGA, about the different student governing bodies and their charges, and about the differences and similarities between concerns of undergraduates and graduate students. Boli said he will revise the proposal's language and resubmit at the November meeting.

Chancellor Billy Frye gave a presentation on the Year of Reconciliation Emory will hold during the academic year 2000-01. Frye, who chairs the committee planning the event, gave a history of the intiative and a description of the Jan. 25-27, 2001, symposium that will be its centerpiece. He encouraged all Emory faculty, staff and students to submit any ideas they may have for related events or activities.

Kathy Reed, former chair of the President's Commission on the Status of Women's staff concerns committee, gave a presentation on the PCSW's recently issued "Report of the Study on Invisible Barriers to Women's Advancement at Emory." (see story, p. 1) Reed informed the Senate of the Nov. 3 panel discussion devoted to the report and invited all Senate members to attend.

Matt Maron, SGA president, talked about student involvement in the Senate and the various concerns of Emory's student body this year. He said SGA was focusing on the issue of drug and alcohol abuse following the drug-related deaths of three University students in the past eight months. He also said environmental issues were a top concern.

Boli reported on the activities of Faculty Council, including a task force studying the use and utility of student course evaluations. He also described the two-year "Faculty at Emory" project that will reevaluate most aspects of faculty life at the University.

The next Senate meeting will be Nov. 23 at 3:15 p.m. in Gambrell Hall.

-Michael Terrazas

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