Emory Report

November 29, 1999

 Volume 52, No. 13

Hundreds of electronic journals available online

It's 2 a.m. Thursday morning, and you desperately need to check an article in the latest issue of Cardiovascular Research. What do you do? Go online, of course.

Through Dec. 31, the Emory libraries are testing a valuable new electronic full text service, ScienceDirect, produced by Elsevier Science, one of the leading journal publishers in the world. ScienceDirect offers faculty, students and staff online access to complete editions of all articles in all Elsevier journals subscribed to by Emory (more than 500 in all), going as far back as 1996. In most instances the electronic edition of recent issues will be available online well in advance of the print edition.

You can search by journal title and table of contents, by author, by title keyword or by subject. In addition to full text access to all current Emory subscriptions, users also can view the tables contents and article abstracts for all other journals included in ScienceDirect.

ScienceDirect is available at www.library.emory.edu/IG/demodb.html. This address will support web access from any workstation on the Emory campus network or off-campus terminals using the Emory Online telecommunications package.

While ScienceDirect predominately features journal publications in science and medicine, it also has extensive coverage in business, economics, the social sciences and, to a lesser extent, the humanities. Looking for an older issue of Electoral Studies, the Journal of Banking & Finance or Poetics? Check out ScienceDirect.

Our test ends Dec. 31, so don't wait for the new millenium to try it out. Comments and suggestions about ScienceDirect are eagerly solicited; please send your e-mail to Betsey Patterson, Virtual Library Project, at librbp@emory.edu.

This column was compiled by the Virtual Library Project at the General Libraries.

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